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Ana Alexander was born in Argentina from Basque heritage. 
She studied Anthropology, Philosophy and Creative Writing at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). 

Ana began her Yoga training with Oledeysis Guttierrez in 2002 and started teaching Yoga in 2004. She completed her Massage Licensure and Certification training at Lindsay Hopkins in Miami and then went on to complete a 2 year apprenticeship in Thai and Shiatsu Massage. 

Ana trained intensively in Martial Arts for 4 years to earn her Black Belt. She also trained intensively in Immanent Health Self Healing and Meditation Therapies for 4 years and is a certified Immanent Health Counselor. 

Ana is presently the COO for the Nityananda Center and has a busy schedule as the Head Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher at the Center. 

She developed the Nityananda Center Website and all online capabilities are her domain.

Ana plays a key role in developing the classes taught at the Nityananda Center.

​She teaches a clientele of high profile and extremely motivated professionals.