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Individual Counseling

Would you take your car to a mechanic whose car is a broken down jalopy… would you go to a couch potato for advice about exercise? Would you seek out hysterical person to learn how to meditate? Would you ask a single childless person about how to handle your family problems? Your quality of life and relationships are more important than your car!  

​Seriously!…do yourself a favor!… Find yourself a counselor who has some serious life experience, who is using the same methods in their lives they use with their clients and who is respected and lives a happy family life! 

​Chet has worked intensively in Social Services for 15 years. He has helped many families, young people to become great leaders, and, he guided many adults to reclaim their own relationships and find great new ones as well! 

​If you want to try Chet’s approach, give a call and ask questions, as many as you like! If you and he both click, you will be starting off ‘on the right foot!’

The most important credential Chet can offer is, he is very happily married and has a great daughter. They are living the life they want, a purposeful, peaceful and creative life. Chet is enjoying an active healthy life. He teaches martial arts, yoga and has published several books. He is the co founder of the Nityananda Center, with his wife, Ana.

​Chet’s counseling teaches a holistic proactive “Gestalt” managerial approach to facing ones challenges and dealing with them. Every session is different as is the approach to each client. Clients are assigned homework.

Sessions are by appointment only.
The first exploratory session is 90 minutes.
If a session is cancelled within 24 hours there is an administrative fee of 30% charged.
A valid credit card is required to hold a booking. The card is not charged nor is it kept on file.