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Corporate Yoga

Ana’s Corporate Yoga is designed to offer highly motivated and driven individuals an opportunity to appreciate the profound depth and benefits of a  yoga practice. 
For many of us it takes years to create a career we can rely on. Sometimes we are so highly driven we can convince ourselves we can be overwhelmed by our own drive to succeed!

Practicing Ana’s Suryam Yoga will transform the heavy weight of the most challenging work load into an opportunity to bring one’s individual gifts into the world. Ana’s experience and training are extensive. The exercises and the focus will guide the wild horse of the mind into a peaceful mood. Out of the natural calm of the mind comes the solutions we need for even the most challenging tension and stress.

The challenge is not how long will it take for your heavy workload to wear you out! Rather, it is, How long you will take to learn to dance with what you have created. Suryam Yoga has the tools and resources you need to start dancing. Why waste any more time on “surviving” on the ‘front lines’ of the career you have chosen? Why not create a quality of life you want in the career you have worked so hard to create! Start enjoying your life AND your time at WORK!

Time waits for no one! Hope is just a click away! All it takes is a gentle, steady effort and faith in ourselves. “Whatever we create we can make better!”

​Corporate groups and clients can take control of scheduling and choreographing how they can benefit the most from the wealth of wisdom and well being yoga has to offer. Our instructors are available to travel to office or home to provide this exclusive service to motivated clients.