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The Wilderness Challenge Program teaches primitive survival skills as the focus for valuable life lessons and instruction.  

​Learning primitive survival skills fills a void between our primitive and modern knowledge that satisfies a deep need for feeling connected.  This type of education takes us back to the powerful primitive ways of learning through imitation or copying, using the senses. Many of us learn more deeply in a hands on experiential way. 

​No need to be good at setting up the latest "apps" or computer software! This type of learning is like a complete "system restore" to a point in our lives where learning was really simple, natural  and peaceful. 

​Each class offers a safe and structured experiential learning environment. These classes are well suited for adults and or young people.  Each workshop is unique in that there are simple survival skills and guidelines taught using very basic materials. 

​There are four Introductory or Basic Workshops which offer a great way to reclaim our connection to the Wilderness with hands on supervision and practical learning experiences. 

​The Basic Workshop 
Each of the Introductory Classes listed here provides all resources needed to start using the survival skills covered. The introductory workshop can be designed as a one day seminar for schools,  colleges or for corporate team building events. 

​These, and other, Wilderness Challenge programs are ongoing at the Nityananda Center. For more information on these classes please call or email Ana or Chet. 

Introductory Workshops and Retreats
1)  Connecting to Nature. The Elemental Forces
In this class we learn an ancient Aboriginal method of reconnecting to the living world through the five senses and four elements. This class awakens our primitive appreciation for the natural world as a living teacher and guide. This knowledge and experience will reduce stress and empower our sense of feeling at home with nature.  

2)  Plant Food and “Medicines”
In this class we learn how to grow and use everyday herbs and plants as a powerful support for health intuitive training and contemplative practice. Several basic home remedy medicine preparations and uses are also taught.

3) Reclaiming our Animal Instinct
In this Basic Introductory Workshop we explore the powerful way animals can teach and guide us to learn and grow.   Primitive ways of learning from the Animals will be taught. 

4) The Healing Fire
Fire has been the source of much of our civilization's advances.  In this class we learn the basic skills of primitive fire making and how this ancient art was considered and used as a healing ceremony.  

​Chet trained with Native Aboriginal Elders from the Maroons in Jamaica, Australia and the USA. Chet and his wife Ana have run Wilderness Challenge programs for the last five years at Paradise Farms ( in Homestead, Florida.  These retreats offer hands on experiential opportunities to learn in direct communion with nature.  Chet is the co founder of the Nityananda Center in Coconut Grove Miami Florida, where Chet and Ana, his wife, teach  classes, seminars and facilitate retreats. These Classes are designed for corporate, adult or youth groups.

​For more information please contact Chet or Ana at 786 333 1557 or by Email

Wilderness Survival Skills