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Suryam Yoga

‘The practice that revolves around the inner sun’

Suryam Yoga (‘Suryam’ means “sun” in Sanskrit) is an Asana Yoga art and practice. It is a unique branch of Yoga that combines elements from Traditional Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, and Martial Arts training.  

In many cases, our lack of health or physical discomfort is created by being absent and disconnected from our physical body. What we eat, do, feel and think has an important impact on our physical well being. Most of us don’t put this together. 

Suryam Yoga generates awareness of what we think and feel to help the body heal itself.  Suryam Yoga is the helper of awareness. It is a guide that will show us how to be present. Suryam Yoga gives us the chance to observe how our physical body feels. Each asana or posture has been designed and is used to this purpose. 

Being present in our body practicing Suryam Yoga will generate many real health benefits. Suryam Yoga:

* Increases flexibility and stamina
* Lowers blood pressure
* Helps regulate hormonal balance
* Improves bone density
* Prevents injuries
* Lowers stress
* Reduces back pain
* Boosts immunity
* Strengthens muscles (even those you didn’t know you had!)
* Improves posture
* Prevents joint wear and tear 
* Keeps your blood and lymph flowing
* Lowers blood sugar and ‘bad’ cholesterol levels
* And much more…

​More and more universities and western medicine doctors are exploring what yogis have known for thousands of years. And they are finding the same results, supported by scientific data. There’s a great article in Yoga Journal (written by an M.D.) that will give you a full idea of what great gift yoga is for your physical body.