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International Martial Arts Temple

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The International Martial Arts Temple (IMAT) Kung Fu is a complete system as it offers every facet of a living Martial Art Tradition. Each session offers, a complete cardio, flexibility, strength conditioning and martial arts workout for the entire body.  

Master Chet is currently a 7th degree Black Belt in the International Martial Arts Temple System. The IMAT System has schools in the USA, Northern and Southern UK. 

The History & Philosophy of Master Chet's IMAT


* Master Chet trained for decades with Master Chang and was the first and only one of Master Chang’s students to found and develop his own Center in Manchester (The Alexander Foundation). 
​* Master Chet also trained with Master Barzey for 15 years, a Royal British Marine Boxing champion.  
​* Master Chet also trained with British Boxing light heavyweight, Danny Lawford (Moston Amateur Boxing Club), World Kickboxing champion, Lance Lewis. 
​Master Chet fought extensively under Master Barzey’s Kickboxing camp and also fought nationally. 

​Master Chet’s Students

Master Chet trained hundreds of students and fighters. Some of the better known students are:
* World champion, Chris, “the fly” Williams, the founder of Mizani Martial Arts. 
* Master Matt Bindon (Martial Art Temple Devon) who was honored by being one of the first Westerners to be inducted into the Shaolin Temple lineage as a 35th generation fighting monk. 
​* Master Joe Wray, the current head of the Martial Arts Temple in the UK, founder and developer of the Imani Center in Manchester, UK. 
* World famous yoga teacher, Granville Cousins (Yoga with Granville). 
* Master Glen Gosling, the founder of Absolute Tai Chi. 
* Master Shaun Brassfield Thorpe Founder of 
* Anthony Ekubia, British European and Commonwealth Boxing title bouts. 


Master Chet also worked with several other well known Educators, Community Leaders, Trainers and Martial Artists to develop and promote opportunities for young people through the Alexander Foundation. 
* Beresford Edwards who coordinated the Alexander Foundation participation in the annual Moss Side Carnival, teaching classes at the West Indian Sports and Social Club and at the annual Roots Multicultural Festival. 
* Chief Insector Kellet of the Greater Manchester Police, provided minibuses and drivers for black belt grading field trips. 
* Danny Connors, helped develop and support the establishment of the Martial Arts Temple. Danny helped promote the Alexander Foundation Fight nights and served as a senior examiner at the first Martial Arts Temple Gradings. He was the founder of the British Karate Association and Oriental World Martial Arts Supplies.
* Dave Gibson, Director of Manchester Education Committee provided funding to pay the part time teachers at the Alexander Foundation.
* Dave Gunby, Senior Social Worker, Parkway Social Services I.T. Center co founded the Alexander Foundation/ Manchester City F.C. Sports and Social Fight Nights, which promoted Kick boxing between Manchester Muay Thai (Master Toddy, Master Sken) and Master Chet’s teams. Dave also worked with Master Chet to develop Alexander Foundation I.T. 10 week Programs to train at risk youth through martial arts to become leaders in their communities. 
* Phil Martin, founder of the Moss Side Amateur Athletic Club, aka as the Champs Amateur Boxing Gym and British Olympic and Commonwealth Boxing team trainer. Phil started his career as a trainer at the Alexander Foundation, running classes and training students on the premises. 
* Mike Taylor, former Lord Mayor of Manchester. Mike coordinated educational talks and taught First Aid Courses at the Alexander Foundation for Martial Arts Temple Black Belts. 

Philosophy behind Master Chet's IMAT

Master Chet’s Martial Arts, is founded on the teachings of Immanent Health. Immanent Health promotes the concept that health is originally and always inherently radiating in every individual.  Healthy self image, emotions and beliefs are integral expressions of Immanent Health. As we grow and are conditioned by our environments and families, we develop habits that inhibit the true expression of health from within. 

​Immanent Health teachings and classes are designed to reclaim the natural health and well being within each of us. When we can access, appreciate and establish Immanent Health our full potential begins to make itself known. 

​How do we know what Immanent Health is?
​Immanent Health is recognized easily in each of our four faculties. In the physical senses it is a sense of great well being and relaxation. In our imagination it is a driving expansive creative power and vitality. In our Emotions it is a feeling of peace that is extremely bright and awake. In our intellect it is a curious insatiable wisdom. 

What are the four Faculties?
The four Faculties are arranged around a circle like the hexagrams of the I Ching in the four cardinal directions. West is the Physical. The South is Imagination. The East is the Emotions. The North is the Intuition and Intellect. The Center represents the balance of all four.

Why a Wheel of Faculties?

No one part of the wheel is more important than another. The faculties have been identified and categorized throughout the ages and in different traditions as superior and inferior or higher and lower, etc. 

​Immanent Health teaches each of our faculties is like a spoke in a wheel. In order to spin evenly the Wheel needs all the spokes to be firmly balanced. Physical will needs to be practiced so we can makes changes in our self Image. Without consistent Physical effort (West) we cannot bring what we imagine (South) into manifestation. Once our new sense of self, our self Image is established, we can experience a new range of emotions (East) and clearly see how our previous feelings were keeping us attached to old habits. Once we establish the new feelings and emotions as our new personal feeling environment, a new type of self concept (North) starts to assert itself and develop. 

​Developing will in each of the ‘directions’ builds a healthy and balanced wheel. When our wheel of faculties is strong and balanced enough to turn, we can access the balanced center of our being.