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Living the life I love means being happily married and knowing my wife feels the same way. Out of this enjoyment we get from being together, emerges a creative caring for everything and everyone else. Our relationship is part of a foundation we have built for a happy life.  ​As a counselor I apply what I know works for us. 

​It might sound simple but relationships demand self discipline, consistency and ambition, just like any serious career. Most of us grow up thinking ‘love’ has no need of goals or expectations. There is a need for goals and expectations, especially for ourselves and for the important areas in our lives, like love.

​Our innermost thoughts and feelings are like a garden. If we do not make an effort, the weeds and invasive species will overwhelm what we want to grow.  Its not that our gardens are bad places, its just that a relationship of discipline and consistent care is required, if we want to enjoy it!

​Relationship is no different to gardening. In relationships, there are weeds and roses, pests, medicinal plants and foods. The more we know about our garden, the more we can enjoy it!

​Having effective goals and strategies to work in our innermost garden, will help develop a place of beauty that will inspire others to create loving relationships in life. What is more important than this?

​My approach to counseling is, “Its your garden!” Maybe you didn’t know this ‘pest’ can really devastate your harvest. Maybe you didn’t know that ‘over watering’ could damage the ‘flowers’ you love so much. Counseling is a lot like gardening. Helping people to feel at home in their own garden, their body, heart and mind, creates a more healthy natural environment for us all!

​I have over 58 years experience in my own garden. It is full of well established fruit trees, flowers and medicinal plants now. 

​Come to the Nityananda Center, the Tree of Life my wife and I grew together, and learn how to start caring about building Paradise in your own back yard!