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Chet Alexander

Background and Training

Martial Arts
In his youth, Chet was the chief Instructor for Wu Shu Kwan in the NW of England for over ten years. He went on to found a unique martial arts system, the Martial Arts Temple.  His fighting team was respected among the top sports teams in the UK.  Martial Arts celebrities and some of the top fighters in the world supported and attended Chet’s charity and sporting events. Danny Connors, Chris Williams (Mizani Kung Fu),  Joseph Wray (The Martial Arts Temple),  Ronnie Green, Master Toddy (Muay Thai in Las Vegas),  Master Sken (Batman Movie),  Lance Lewis, Phil Martin (Olympics), Linda Broda (Manchester Tai Chi),  Master C.K. Chang, Granville Cousins (Yoga with Granville), were some of the well known British martial Arts trainers, organizers and fighters who supported and worked side by side with Master Chet .  

Social Services & Counseling
Chet worked in Social Services and Youth and Community as a specialist instructor. He worked with disadvantaged youth and served the West Indian, Asian, Jewish, Chinese and British communities in the UK for over fifteen years. Chet was part of the Team that put together the first Intermediate Treatment Programs for at risk youth in Manchester, UK. He was instrumental in establishing Parkway and Ridgeway Intermediate Treatment Centers in Manchester.Chet worked at the North West Dade (Citrus Network’s) Drug Treatment Center,”Shaman,” as a Supervisor for 12 months.

International Business
Chet worked as a Research Director for International Investment Conferences, Inc. He created the name and was the co-founder of the “Indaba” natural resources conference at the 5 star Cape Sun Hotel in Cape Town South Africa for 7 years. During this time Chet met with and coordinated activities for Government Ministers, Investment gurus and celebrities such as, Dick Cheney, Larry King,  Ed Asner, Ex CIA Chief William Colby, Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, Sir Douglas Hurd, James Dines, Walter Raby, Frank Holmes, among others. He founded the Mine Site Reclamation Program which was responsible for planting over 20,000 trees in the USA.

Studied Western Esoteric Philosophy and Meditation with G. Davies (author of 'Wielding Power') for 15 years.Initiated into Shamanism by Yuin Aboriginal Elder Guboo Ted Thomas and Chippewa Shaman, Geezis Mokwha over a period of five years. Studied Attunement with Detta Lange for five years.  Attended Workshops in Reichian bodywork and Rolfing.Lived in the SYDDA Yoga Ashram for 2 months and was initiated into Shaktipat by Guru Mayi Chidvilasananda. Trained with the Psychosynthesis Institute under Poldi Orlando in Miami for 12 months.
Chet is the author of 2 published books, 'John Crow Speaks, The Earth Teachings of the Jamaican Elders' and 'For the Noble Ones.'

​Chet and his wife Ana, founded and established the Nityananda Center, a non profit Community Wellness and Meditation Center in Coconut Grove, Florida in 2009.