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 Private Yoga

Ana brings a rare wealth of knowledge to her private classes.
​Ana’s Suryam Yoga is a bland of Vinyasa, Meditation, Hatha and Yoga Therapy.
Ana’s extensive background and experience in Massage and Martial Arts also brings a profound knowledge of how the body develops and works best.

Each class is an hour long and progresses through a series of exercises that explore, develop and magnify each client’s maximum potential for enjoying a fit and flexible body. For clients to benefit fully from private tuition with Ana it is recommended training twice a week for an extended period. This way Ana can develop exercises best suited to individual needs. Given the right amount of time and consistent practice, her knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Physical Exercise, heals and develops a solid foundation for health and well being.

Working with Ana, one on one, is a rare opportunity to learn on every level. Ana’s teaching is inclusive. She is knowledgeable about diet, nutrition and herbal remedies which revitalizes the body and mind.

Call and find out more about Ana’s classes. Let us know what you are looking for and if you like our response, you can easily book an appointment. Among Yoga teachers, Ana is a rare find. 
Her private classes are by appointment only.
A valid credit card is required to book the session. A 24 hour cancellation policy is in effect. ‘No shows’ are charged the full amount.
​All classes are held at the Nityananda Center unless an alternate location is agreed in advance. If Ana has to travel to an outside location, an extra hour is charged.