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About Bright Kids Summer Camp Miami:

Chet and Ana Alexander, together with their teenage daughter Frida, have been hosting Bright Kids Summer Camp in Miami for 6 years now. Most of the kids that have attended camp once will return the following summer. Parents wonder, why? There's so many other camps and interesting learning experiences in Miami. Why Bright Kids Summer Camp over others?

The answer is simple: we spend high quality time with all children all 3 weeks of the summer camp. 

A typical day at camp is as follows:

Arrival and play time. A short walk to the park, to the basketball court. On the way, we learn about the different kinds of trees and plants in Coconut Grove. We play basketball and drink plenty of water. We walk back to the center. We drink some more water and lemonade! We stretch during a gentle yoga class. Then we sit in a circle and talk about the movie we want to film in the afternoon. We write it down, assigning characters and wardrobe. We eat lunch. After lunch we meditate. We relax every inch of the body. Some of the kids will fall asleep! 

Afterwards we start with the movie. Sometimes it is a movie about the self defense moves we learned the day before, sometimes it is a story, or a movie we all have seen before. We get to work! Everyone is involved.

After the making of the movie we get a healthy snack. Organic Fruit is the best!

Then we get in a circle again and talk about why it is so important to respect our parents and teachers and we make a skit in groups that is going to show the benefits of being respectful. We film this too and watch it. We discuss what we learned as a group. 

Oh wow! It is 5 o'clock! Kung Fu class is on. We all train together. Stretching and warming muscles up and later some self defense techniques. Forms are beautiful yet powerful. At the end we practice light sparring with the gloves. It is fun and we learn how to defend ourselves if we ever need to.

6 o' clock parents arrive. Every day we add one or two new activities. Next day we start again!

Summer camp Videos

Kung Fu Grandma

spy kids against the giants

Nityananda Center

yoga * Massage * Kung Fu

Bright Kids Summer Camp Miami

What we do at Camp:

~ Basketball ~ Yoga ~ Kung Fu ~ Cooking ~ Self Defense ~ Make Movies ~ Chi Gong ~ Swimming ~ Meditation ~ Play ~ Drama ~ Gardening ~ Nutrition Ideas ~ Laugh ~ Environmental Education ~ Nature Walks ~ Beach Field Trips ~ Make New Friends ~ & much more...

Bring your favorite lunch to camp!
Snacks a drinks will be provided by us!


before June 6th*

$200 per kid per session

Have a sibling or friend attending? 

1 Session for  1 Kid
1 Session for 2 Kids
1 Session for 3 Kids 

~ For more than 1 session, please update your shopping cart accordingly ~


for high school students, adults, moms, etc
Write us an email and tell us why you would like to help


Do you want to sponsor a kid that can't afford camp? 
Do you want to attend camp and need a sponsor?
Let us work together so everybody can enjoy a happy summer!

*Free registration applies when signing up before June 6th, 2018. After June 6th, an additional $50 will apply for registration. Discounts for siblings or best friends will be available for the 4 sessions, regardless of when registration is completed. Discounts will ONLY apply if signed up for the full session (full week).
Any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to receive your call!
​786 333 1557