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Happy Hearts Farms

& Retreat Center

Happy Hearts Farms is an ancient spiritual paradigm of health and wholeness that is being regenerated  and built again today by Ana and Chet Alexander.  Happy Hearts Farms is a place where the spirit of miraculous enlightenment residing within the earth’s natural forces have been awakened and is revealed to all who enter its gates. 

“ Every human being is a magician…an awakener of some power! The only thing stopping each of us from experiencing the wonder of the earth’s ancient and intelligent natural miraculous healing power is forgetfulness and distraction.”  

Chet and Ana Happy Hearts Farms is a place where we remember.
​The miracle of awakening our hearts magic, peace and goodness inside and out.
The cleansing and healing renewal of the body and mind.
We can reclaim the reverence in our lives one day at a time. 

Happy Hearts Farms offers Opportunities       
* for guests and visitors to enjoy classes, our many services and participate in healing ceremonies.
* for guests, visitors and the community to enjoy and benefit from our Organic Medicinal Herb, vegetable and tree gardens
* for volunteers to work alongside our staff to learn, to teach and be part of a miracle in progress. 

Our Classes
* Folk Dancing
* Wilderness Relationship Training
* Using and Growing Medicinal Plants
* Suryam Yoga   
* Formless Heart Kung Fu, Chi Gong and Meditation
* Private Instruction

Our Services
* Detoxification and Cleansing Retreats
* Nutritional Counseling
* Massage Therapies
* Spiritual Counseling
* Self Renewal (Solitary) Retreats 

Our Healing Ceremonies
All healing ceremonies are conducted on a donation basis. Our social healing ceremonial program is open to everyone.The Healing Ceremonial Program Includes
* Sacred Sauna Purification Ceremonies
* Gal Gal (Circle) Healing and Cleansing Ceremonies
* Medicine Garden Prayer Ceremonies
* Rites of Passage Ceremonies 

​Please Donate to our Happy Hearts Farms Project.
​Not everyone can travel or visit Happy Hearts Farms. Everyone can be a part of the Happy Hearts Farms revival and awakening of the healing magic within the Earth. 

​Help us create a shift in consciousness so that our children and grandchildren can once again wonder and marvel at the magic rooted in the heart of nature. 

​Your donation, no matter how small, will help us to empower this ancient knowledge and reclaim our human role as reverent guardians of the Earth’s awakening!