yoga * Massage * Kung Fu

First, we would like to give you a warm welcome, wishing you well. We have adopted precautionary measures to maintain everyone’s safety, those visiting and those working at the center.

Some measures include and are not limited to:

  • Wearing masks, both visitors and therapists
  • Keeping your shoes on when coming into the center
  • Frequent washing of hands
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the massage table, room’s floor and door handles before the client’s arrival and after the client’s departure
  • Our policy enforces: if a visitor shows any flu signs, fever, cough, or any other symptom that will endanger other people, the person will have to leave immediately
  • Private clients who exercise with us must keep the safety distance of 6 ft from the trainer and from other clients, if more than one.

We want to encourage you to continue exercising and receiving Massage Therapy and Meridian Therapy, since these are proven to increase the immune system, and metabolism.

Meridian Therapy applies acupressure on the meridians of the body causing equal benefits as in acupuncture, invigorating all the systems of the body; the only difference being utilizing pressure instead of needles.
Massage Therapy is proven to reduce stress, improve circulation, eliminate toxins, enhance immunity, and improve overall health.

Exercise such as Yoga, Pilates, Chi Gong and Kung Fu all raise the bodies core temperature stimulating an immune response. Stretching and cardio also promote circulation of the antibodies generated by raising core body temperature.

The higher immunity and metabolic rate work as a shield against any virus and infection. A clean diet based on fresh vegetables and fruits is also recommended to the same effect.

We are looking forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional service and helping you achieve your optimal health, today and always.