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Connective Tissue Massage

What is Connective Tissue Massage?

Connective Tissue Massage (CTM) is a dynamic solution to pain relief. It works by releasing restrictions in your body more effectively and efficiently than any other massage technique available. Connective Tissue Massage provides you with immediate relief from pain without using excessive force.

CTM is a distinctive sensory experience. No oils or lotions are applied to the body. The practitioner’s contact is generally broad, slow, and intentional. The approach is intense but not painful, which allows your body to relax during the session.

 CTM gives you:

• Relief from chronic tension and pain.

• Increased ease of movement and flexibility.

• Improved posture.

• Enhanced self-awareness.

• Overall peace throughout your body
• Increased energy

• Increased breathing capacity

• And an appreciation of the body as an integrative whole.

 CTM Gives You A Connection to Mind and Body


90 MIN for $140

First Time Client Only
90 MIN for $119

​90 MIN package of 6 $800

MOre on Connective Tissue Massage

CTM Gives You A Connection to Mind and Body

While CTM is primarily concerned with physical changes in the body, it can affect the entire person emotionally and physically —subtly and sometimes dramatically.

Here’s how it works:

When the fascia is lengthened, more physical space is created as well as more space for emotional change and release. The physical “letting go” coincides with a sense of emotional “letting go.” This often manifests itself as diminished stress, and a heightened self-awareness.


Where Is the Connective Tissue in Your Body?

Connective tissue is the soft tissue that surrounds, supports, protects, and connects every structure in the body. Your body contains a continuous sheath of connective tissue, which is called “fascia.” This sheath provides the structural support for the skeleton and soft tissues (muscles, tendons, etc.). Gravity, injury, illness, emotional trauma, and other stressors affect the fascia, causing an imbalance in the connective tissue network. Fascia imbalance usually manifests itself as tightening or shortening of the connective tissue sheath (which makes your body feel as though the muscles are extremely tight). This is often experienced as pain, discomfort, or decreased flexibility anywhere in the body. When the fascia becomes chronically shortened, it loses flexibility and resilience, so your body cannot relax completely, even when it’s “at rest.”

CTM is the most direct way to restore length and flexibility throughout the entire muscular system, normalizing the tissue and bringing greater health through the fascial network.

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