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Welcome to the Nityananda Center. 
Our Family run Center for Yoga, Massage and Kung Fu is located in the Heart of the roads, Miami. 
We have daily Yoga and Kung Fu Classes for all levels. 
You can also relax with an amazing Therapeutic Massage. 
Our therapists have mastered many Massage Techniques. 
Visit our Center and be touched by Nityananda's Peaceful Joy!
Let our family become yours!

786 333 1557

The Nityananda Center is a nonprofit organization. 
This is the first Community Center established by the Alexander Foundation FHF, Inc. 
The Nityananda Center offers Public Talks, Free Workshops, and Community Classes to help people. 
All services provided by the Center are supporting our mission and vision.

Our Mission:
'To celebrate the development of human potential through organizing events, therapeutic services, classes, education and research. We establish community and retreat centers. Families and individuals of all ages, regardless of gender, race or creed can benefit from Alexander Foundation programs, events and classes. Our goal is to bring about a more humane and compassionate world.


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Counseling: Why crawl when you can fly?

Kung Fu Classes for kids & adults in the heart of Coconut Grove. Our Kung Fu classes include Martial Arts training, kickboxing, sparring, fitness & flexibility, wu shu forms & more! 

We offer Yoga Classes in Miami for people all fitness levels. Build confidence & awareness through a healthy, engaging Yoga practice. Suryam & Gentle Yoga classes. 



Find out about our events for the whole family!

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