International Martial Arts Temple

International Martial Arts Temple (IMAT) was founded in the 70's in England and started in Miami in 2009, with the opening of Nityananda Center in Coconut Grove. Students are exposed to different Martial Art styles from China, like Chi Gong, Kung Fu and Taoist teachings. From the beginning IMAT has helped hundreds of young women and men to become leaders and to grow in health, character and as compassionate human beings. Many students have founded their own schools in different parts of the world keeping the IMAT traditions alive. ​​Check out IMAT on the web HERE


Lady Nuu

Shortip Kutil (Lady Nuu) trained in Thailand at the Dramatic Arts College in Bangkok.
As she progressed in her training her teachers hand picked students to dance for the Thailand Ministry of Culture as a welcome committee for visiting dignitaries, and Thai Government.  Lady Nuu was one of the students chosen to perform for the King of Thailand and visiting dignitaries such as the Queen of Denmark, Japanese Ministers and many more.



Sikan will take the audience on a tour of traditional Cuban salon dances including Rumba, a mixture of Spanish European and African influences such as Yoruba, Congo and Carabali, by way of the 19th century “Solares Habaneros”. Sikan will demonstrate one of the maximum expressions of joy and enthusiastic traditional celebration through the syncopated and poly-rhythmic sounds of the Cuban wooded flip flops accompanied by drums. 

​Check out SIKAN on the web HERE


Native America 

American Indian Association of Florida 

The AIA, a 501c3 organization, was founded to promote and care for American Indian inter-tribal social and cultural needs through social gatherings, educational programs and special events. The AIA seeks to provide a social and cultural awareness center representing all Indian tribes of the Western Hemisphere, provide assistance to Native Americans and the surrounding communities, promote respect for the elders and guidance for the young, support the preservation of wildlife and the environment, promote and preserve the AIA Orlando Powwow as a paramount educational and cultural event. 
Check out American Indian Association of Florida on the web HERE. 



​Bolivia Mágica Ballet Folklorico

​Founded in 1992, Bolvia Mágica Ballet Folklorico has been a key pillar in promoting Bolivian culture and traditions in Miami. Bolivia Mágica has been recognized by their dances, costumes and music.

It celebrates 20 years as an artistic organization.

Check out BOLIVIA Mágica on the web HERE


With the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners.


Grupo Folklórico Timanatí

Timanati means ‘The best’, ‘The winner’, ‘The victorious one’ in Náhuatl. Náhuatl is a group of Aztec languages spoken by an estimated 1.5 million Nahua people, the majority living in central Mexico. Some of the regions where Nahuatl is spoken are in the State of Mexico are as follow: Puebla, Veracruz, Hidalgo, Guerrero, Morelos, Oaxaca, Michoacán, Durango and many more. Each region has a unique dance.



Gestión Danza de la Frontera

The Chilean 'Cueca' is the official National Dance of Chile. It represents the passion of its people and the union of man and woman in a intense ritual. 
Its inspiration, composition and develo
pment the Cueca relates the human being with his surroundings, feelings and visions. 

From costume to melody, of European and African origin, Cueca celebrates the love of being alive and the life force that gives hope and understanding as well as humility and commitment to freedom. 

Spain & Basque Country

​Baila Flamenco Dance Company

Esther Pardo and Edwin Suarez have recently ended two International tours with the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet as dancers and choreographers. They have also danced with the Florida Grand Opera, Ballet La Rosa and La Truco. Esther and Edwin With Hispanic Flamenco Ballet Ensemble founded BAILA FLAMENCO DANCE STUDIO, a project that provides educational experiences through classes, workshops and special performances that enrich the lives of all audiences.


One World

Soul of Dance

Tradition Folklore Movement

​One World Soul of Dance is a multicultural event at the center of the City of Miami. Professional folkloric dancers from all over the world are coming together

to interpret the awakening of Life Force.

 The event will take place at the
Historic Scottish Rite Temple. The Scottish Rite theater in Miami is a splendid example of the Egyptian style architecture, advantageously situated at the corner of N.W. Third Street and N.W. North River Drive, within easy access from the main business district. Completed in 1924 at a cost of $350,000, including the land, it is an imposing edifice covering the major portion of five lots overlooking the Miami River on one side, and Lummus Park on the other, with two entrances on Third Street, and one on North River Drive.

OCTOBER 20th, 2017

at the

Historic Scottish Rite Temple

471 NW 3rd St. Miami, Florida 33128


​NSL Dance Ensemble

NSL Danse Ensemble is a product of Haitian Arts and Culture for Children.
It began in 2009. It is based at the little Haiti Cultural Arts Center.
The dancers used to be part of a summer program at the center and are now in high school and college, and still growing and performing traditional Haitian Dance throughout Miami. 
Check out NSL Dance Ensemble on the web HERE. 



Marinera 305

“Marinera 305” is the dance academy of Marinera Norteña, the studio is centrally located in the heart of Kendall Area.
Marcelo Fernandez is a Peruvian dancer, teacher, and director. He learned to dance Marinera Norteña in Peru and danced professionally there for many years. He took his talent to the United States and formed “Marinera 305” in 2014.  
Check out Marinera 305 on the web HERE. 



Venezuela Danza y Tambor

Venezuela Danza y Tambor made their first public appearance in 2008.

Created with the intention of bringing the dance of the drums to the great festivals of South Florida, USA. They merge different rhythms, songs and tunes from different parts of Venezuela where these customs and traditions are performed. 
Venezuela Danza y Tambor is considered today as the best group of its kind that express their culture outside of Venezuela. They have appeared in several different television programs, radio stations and magazines across South Florida. 

Live Performances for the Whole FAMILY include:

​Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Haiti, India, Iran, Mexico, Native American, Peru, Spain, Thailand, Venezuela 

Nityananda Center

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