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Juniors Kung Fu

Ages 8 and up

The earlier children start learning to care about health and well being, the better. As parents, it is our job to make sure our kids have the best foundation for balanced learning and progress. Kung Fu provides a comprehensive balanced education in health, relaxation, nutrition, physical fitness, mental discipline and assertiveness.

FIT & BRIGHT KUNG FU training develops individual potential by learning a new language, the language of overall health and well being, through movement, posture, breath and awareness. 

​Unlike many other forms of martial arts, FIT & BRIGHT KUNG FU adopts an inclusive long term view of ‘training’. Every FIT & BRIGHT KUNG FU class provides students with an all round health, well being and self defense education that will inspire confidence and a love of learning. 

​FIT & BRIGHT KUNG FU exercises are therapeutic. While performing FIT & BRIGHT KUNG FU exercise one is renewing and revitalizing the body’s inherent healing ability as well as learning effective self defense.  

​FIT & BRIGHT KUNG FU creates a resilient, energetic character and body that will age gracefully and develop a strong foundation of health and well being. This approach to ‘self defense’ is ‘creative’ as opposed to ‘passive’ martial arts that focus only on reacting to confrontation. 

The guaranteed benefits of FIT & BRIGHT KUNG FU training are:
* Self Knowledge
* Respect
* Self Control
* Compassion
* Confidence
* Increased energy level
* Learning to think and respond ‘out of the box’
* All round health benefits and education
* Therapeutic physical conditioning and mental training
* Skillful and intelligent self defense

“A new broom sweeps clean….An old broom gets in all the corners!”

Our school has a long history! Read about it here

How to advance in our school:
* Patience
* Obedience
* Compassion
* Hard work
* Regular Training twice a week minimum
​* Good Character

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