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Thaiatsu Massage

Thaiatsu Massage is the unique fusion of two great eastern massage techniques: Shiatsu Massage from Japan and Thai Massage from Thailand.

The blend of these massage techniques complement each other in a perfect, harmonious way. The fluidity and rhythm of the therapy creates a relaxing, meditative experience for both client and massage therapist.

The slow paced, deep pressure together with the soft touch of the well trained massage therapist is a perfect combination for those that would love a deep massage without the discomfort of pointy thumbs.

Once warmed by the deep pressure of Shiatsu, Thai Massage stretches the muscles. These stretches make the body feel light and loose.

​The purpose of Thaiatsu Massage is to generate symmetric balance between left and right sides of the body. This balance will keep the energy and fluids of the body flowing evenly, creating great health and well being.