Nityananda Center

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Esoteric Work

Healing & Yoga

Trauma Resolution Center - Miami, USA

Absolute Tai Chi - London, Uk

Zhuan Shu Kuan - London, Uk

Martial Arts Temple - Manchester, uk​

Specal Links

Chang Ch'uan Fa - New York, USA

Yoga with Granville - Lancashire, Uk

Yoga Doctors - California, USa

First Nations Healing

4 Worlds Institute - BC, Canada

Maroon Town - Accompong, jamaica

Tse Qigong Centre - hawaii, usa

Grove Chiropractic - miami, USA

Bridging Heaven & Earth - California, USA

Our Mission is to Spread the Message of Love and Oneness

Martial Arts 

Medicine Path - California, USA​​

Sareoso - London, uk

Kabbalah Society - London, uk