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Healing Sauna Ceremony
Freedom and power starts in the mind and heart. We might feel the only way to be in control is to get others to echo our own fears and insecurity. We might feel it is better not to show our bright self because it will be ‘inappropriate’.
Many times, it is our own thoughts feeding imagined struggles and negative feelings. Most of us see these imaginings and feelings as antagonistic. In reality, these are the most potent fuel for our healthy Life Force and Healing.
Relaxation, well being, confidence and lively energy, are all benefits of this practice. Similar techniques have been used by shamans and healers for generations, each in their own way. 
Ceremonial Schedule (Provisional)
10:00 am Orientation
10:30 pm Enter the Sweat Hut
12:00 pm Closing Ceremony
Food and drink to share after
If anyone wants to volunteer to help with the Sacred Fire, Please be at the site at 8:00 am

Space is limited so please RSVP to this invitation confirming how many will be attending.

Through the Feeding the Elemental Forces IH ceremony, we realize new creative opportunities. What we once saw as ‘intimidating’ becomes a stepping stone to ‘higher ground.’ The Sweat Bath is a powerful tool to magnify the healing benefits of IH ceremony.

The ceremony will be facilitated by Chet and Ana Alexander, founders of the Nityananda Center, a 501C3 Non Profit Organization. All the proceeds from Nityananda Events and Ceremonies are used to fund Nityananda Center charitable services, events and programs. You can donate to us at


Brief History of the Sweat Bath/Sauna
The sauna is one of the oldest forms of bathing the world has ever known. Every culture has their own version of the sauna/ sweat bath. In each culture the sweat bath has a unique name:

  • Ancient Egypt: Rasul
  • Finland: Sauna
  • First Nations People (Native American): Inipi/Sweat Lodge
  • Greek and Roman: Thermae
  • Japan: Iwaburo
  • Morocco and Tunisia: Hammam
  • Russia: Bania
  • Yucatan: Temazcal

Vapour and steam baths were in use among the Celtic tribes, and the sweat-house was in general use in Ireland down to the 18th, and even survived into the 19th century. For more information on the many types of sweat bath in different cultures of the world, go to:

Throughout history, the sweat bath or lodge structure was built in different shapes and sizes, using different materials. The heat inside the enclosed space was generally created by heating stones over which water was poured to create hot steam. The steam heated the enclosed space and caused the inhabitants to sweat profusely.

The Immanent Health Sweat Bath is a ceremony to cleanse and renew the participants. The Lodge structure and ritual is developed from the philosophy and healing practices of Immanent Health, a ‘universalist’ spiritual tradition.

Chet Alexander was raised in Jamaica and worked in Jamaican and West Indian inner city communities for 15 years as a counselor, trainer and organizer of multi cultural events. Through the work of the Alexander Foundation over 100,000 trees were planted in the USA and Canada. The Nityananda Center is the first community meditation and wellness center established by the Alexander Foundation. The Alexander Foundation organizes multicultural events to celebrate and empower healing and creativity.


Sweat Ceremony