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Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and the second leading cause of death among women. The most common form of treatment is surgery. 

Side effects of most breast cancer surgeries include pain, swelling, tenderness, water retention, scar tissue build up on the surgical site and arm movement restriction.  

Lymphatic drainage massage is indicated to relieve and heal these symptoms.

Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the circulation of lymph, removing stagnant fluid and with it, toxins and waste.

It is also indicated to reduce pain and improve arm mobility. 

Massage will also stimulate the immune system and reduce scar tissue limitations. 

Non invasive treatments for Breast Cancer will also benefit from Lymphatic Drainage massage by removing stagnant lymphatic fluid to maintain healthy breast lymph. 

Proceeds from DISCOVERING LIFE FORCE EVENT will fund Lymphatic Drainage massage therapy for Breast Cancer patients that are going through financial hardship.


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