The Nityananda Center is proud to present a retreat that has no hidden fees. Our commitment will guarantee all retreat participants have all expenses associated with the retreat program included.

This is a rare opportunity. 


SPECIAL DISCOUNT before July 1st, 2016 ​​

15% OFF


2 people = $200 off
3 people = $450 off
4 people = $800 off

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Healing Retreat in Yucatán

Healing your Body and Soul

SPECIAL DISCOUNT before July 1st, 2016 ​​

15% OFF

Healing your body and soul in one of the most powerful places on Earth: the Mayan Pyramids


We will rise early morning, with the music of the birds that live in the Yucatecan jungle. We will practice Chi Gong exercises for one hour, to stimulate our life force and heal our internal organs. After a breakfast made with natural and fresh ingredients, including detoxifying natural juices, we will get ready to visit one of the many archaeological sites on schedule: Chichén Itza. We will learn about the pyramids from local Mayan guides whose ancestors were part of that history. We will practice an Immanent Health Healing Meditation right on site, where the ancient Mayans were empowered by their prayers and were all their knowledge came from. We will work on healing our emotional conditioning in each of the archaeological sites of special power we will visit. 

Back in the 4 star hotel Real Mayab, surrounded by the natural beauty, we will have a delicious vegetarian lunch, nutritious and detoxing. After resting, we will go on a hike through the jungle through a 'sacbe' or Mayan road. 

In the evening we will enjoy a light dinner and have a social Mayan dance, typical from Yucatán called 'Jarana'. 

During the night we will go to rest early so we can enjoy the following day as much as this one! ​

JULY 28th to AUGUST 7th, 2016​​​


Learning and using Immanent Health Healing Meditation

Immanent Health Healing Meditation has so many advantages it is useful in every area of life, health, family, relationships, fitness and work. The Immanent Health Healing Meditation connects us to our innermost potential and to the healing power of nature.

Once we learn the process the benefits continue to be magnified in our lives.

Learning this process will help you to manifest all your dreams.

Imagine learning a simple process that could energize and heal your family. 

The Immanent Health Healing Meditation can be done anywhere by anyone.

Learn how to become master of your own life and world. During the retreat we will introduce this healing meditation through Yoga, Chi Gong, nature walks, trips to some of the world’s most incredible archaeological sites and we will connect to some of the most powerful beautiful sites in the Natural world. Join us for eleven days and ten nights of a retreat in the glorious natural surroundings of the Yucatan jungle. Be touched by the hospitable hearts of Mayan people.  

This is a retreat to inspire your soul and heal your body.



per person in a double room in beautiful bungalow

see the hotel



Expanding the senses and our awareness in one of the most beautiful and pristine places on the planet. A place were nature and man are still connected at every level.  This is so much more than tourism.

We will learn a meaningful way of life that the ancient Mayan still practice today. Once embraced by the peace of our surroundings, we will be able to reconnect to the peace inside ourselves. That peace that is always there, waiting to be remembered. Establishing that peace in places like Chichén Itza, which besides being one of the seven Wonders of the World, holds millenary power, is priceless.​

Nityananda Center

yoga * Massage * Kung Fu

Over 17 activities

  • Visit to Wonder of the World Chichén Itza
  • Lunch in the wonderful colonial city of Mérida
  • Meditation in magical archaeological site: Aké​
  • ​Swim and be blessed by sacred Mayan 'cenote', underground lake of crystalline waters
  • Walk through the ​Grutas de Loltún, an ancient cave with an amazing history
  • Daily Yoga, Chi Gong and walks through the jungle to heal the physical body 
  • Beach day in Tulum, the only ancient Mayan site built by the sea
  • Stay in amazing 4 star hotel Real Mayab
  • Visit to an ecological reserve in Ría Lagartos, where flamingos and many other species can be admired free, in their natural habitat
  • ​Vegetarian meals for detoxing and healing by international chef
  • ​Reach new heights climbing the pyramids of Mayapan, where there are over 2,000 structures
  • ​and so much more..