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Women Self Defense

'The essence of self defense is not learning how to get out of a sticky situation..…its how to avoid it in the first place!'

Master Chet's Self Defense is 90% intelligence and awareness and 10% use of force. Master Chet’s Women’s Self Defense will equip every woman with the knowledge to manage confrontation. Nowadays, Self Defense is as important as a healthy body.
Master Chet’s Women’s Self Defense training brings out assertive elegance, confidence, grace and athleticism.

Most attacks against women are by family and ‘friends’. Learning how to avoid and manage these difficult situations with care and confidence is sometimes more important than simply being able to kick butt! 

​Self Defense training, not only prepares one to deal with the unexpected confidently, it also helps to control weight, a trim figure, health and fitness. Self knowledge begins with self control. Learning to identify and control unhealthy, impulsive and careless behavior is the foundation for self defense. Learning to challenge habitual behaviors that enable the victim inside is the most challenging part of learning to be able to stand up for oneself.

The Women Self Defense Course teaches “How To”: 
​* Develop concentration and confidence
* Avoid and defuse confrontation to ones benefit
* Assertively develop healthy belief systems 
* Train and develop a fit body
* Defend oneself skillfully and intelligently 
* Develop a healthy diet and nutrition
​* Apply basic First Aid